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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Talia's 2nd Birthday

January 12, 2011
The kids wanted to do breakfast in bed for Talia, but I thought that it might be a little messy (to say the least), so they agreed on doing breakfast at the kitchen counter and Talia couldn't have been more pleased. We made her pancakes (one as the #2), cheesy eggs, and yogurt (her favorites!) Of course we had to make her a "sugar cup" with oj to top it off. The kids gave her lots of loves and off to school they went.

After breakfast I gave her a giant bubble bath, another almost daily favorite! She loves loves water! When her bath was through she got all lotioned up, she loves my bath and body shop scents, by the heater to keep her toasty warm.

We met Aunt Mandi and Nana at McDonald's play place for a most delicious and fun lunch. Kai and Jett played with Talia and she had a blast!

When the kids got home from school we went to Chuck E Cheese for pizza and playing. She had a blast playing with her brothers and sisters there. They followed her around and doted

on her the whole evening. We had to stop at Krispy Kreme since it is next door and get birthday donuts of course! Tali was in heaven.

Because Tali had been overstimulated on her birthday we had Nana and Papa over the next night for cake and ice cream. Birthday part 2! Nana and Papa gave her some fun birthday books and Gigi and Grandad sent her birthday pjs and the cute outfit she was wearing on her birthday. They also gave her some fun toys. We gave her a big girl bed with a toy box and princess table and chairs. She loves it!!

Talia is such a sweet, cute, and loving daughter and sister. The kids and her parents absolutely adore her and are always surprised when she displays her strong personality. She loves to laugh, play with Roxy and Smoky. She loves her friends, especially Dillon Lamb. She is a great snuggler. She loves her blankie and binkie, which will have to go soon, but is so cute that she loves them so much. She can say each of her siblings names and loves to get into their things while they are at school. We just love our Tali girl!! Happy birthday sweetie~

Trying on her new birthday boots. She only got to wear them one time and then lost one of the boots at a friends house. Oh well, they were fabulous for the one time she got to wear them.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A warm day in December

On a Sunday in December we had the most gorgeous day! It was in the 60's and everyone wanted to be outside, so Dane and I had this great idea to throw some cute clothes on the kids, I wish it were as easy as it sounds, and go take some pictures of them. After we took the pictures we played at the park on Main Street. It felt absolutely amazing! I decided it should be in the 60's all winter, except for Christmas Day. And on that day of course it should snow. We had a fantastic time being outside running around and being together. The Christmas lights
were fun to play under. It was a great day!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fun in the Snow!!

Halee did some sledding behind the 4 wheeler at Nana and Papa's with Devin and Sara. She had so much fun with them!!

Cute little sledders! The boys had so much fun sledding. We were so excited to get some snow over Christmas and while Cole and Dallin were visiting from Texas! Poor Dallin came back to the house with a tummy ache he thought was from the cold, but the poor little guy threw up all over the place. Oh I felt so bad for him, it was his second time getting sick while he was visiting and I was so worried about him. I hope he still likes Colorado. I gave him lots of lovin'!

New Years Eve

Getting ready for our turns to go out to the garage for the scream contest.

Halee and Kalea having fun with Aunt Mandi's new IPad.

Drumstick anyone?

Halee and Kaiani.

Halee went to her first dance on New Year's Eve with her girlfriend, Holly Williams. We dropped her off to Holly's after the family came to our house for a progressive dinner. We served a yummy salad with a not so yummy artichoke dip and chips. We did the crazy hair contest there at our home and everyone looked great. I am a little disappointed I didn't get a picture of all the hairdo's but here are some of the fun ones. We went to Mandi and Tom's second for the main course which was cheesies and hot chocolate. They had all kinds of yummy breads, meats, and cheeses. It was delich! For the desert portion of the evening we went to Darryl and Denise's for a taste test of about 15 different chocolates. We finished off the evening at about 1am with a scream contest. Kasey recorded each of our New Year's screams to see what decimal we could hit. I am pretty sure Kalea won. On our way home we picked up Halee from breakfast at the Matson's home and finally went to bed around 2! Happy New Years!

Halee and her friend Azure got together to try out her new tie dye kit she got for Christmas. I thought they turned out really fun!